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We are distributors for Sesame Motor Corporation of Taiwan.Sesame is having more than 25 years of professional gearbox manufacturing and sales experience.Sesame is innovated company specialized in R&D with breakthrough patented technologies to manufacture various types of servo gearboxes.

The Sesame servo gearbox has been designed for direct attachment to popular servomotors.

Sesame servo gear heads are worldwide popular for its precision, quality & reliability.We provide patented products including

Some of features are as follows,

1. High precision
2. Hollow output planetary gearboxes
3. carbon steel body: High torque capacity at lower size.
4. Wide range of gearboxes with different series are available
5. Lighting fast delivery.
6. Comes with flange and bushing for motor
7. Nearly 10000 different servomotor flange and bush is available, we can use with any
    make servo motor.
8. PDF, DFX and IGS format drawing of gear boxes are available.
9. High precision Helical Spiral Bevel Gearboxes with Dual tree different type of output is available.

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