Combined bearings and Profile

Combined bearings are particularly suitable for heavy material handling and all other heavy conveying systems. These are mostly are used in combination with profiles. They can take heavy load from both axial as well as radial direction at the same time. With the optimized structure, the mount space can be saved, and the usage is so simple that just to weld the pivot in the mount plate, it is not necessary to dismantle the whole set. The radial bearings are particularly suitable for automation and lift systems, which do not require heavy axial loads, and they come from the combined bearings and maintain the same features of construction.

Some of the basic advantages of combined bearings and profiles in combination are:

  • Economical design solutions for machines & lifting units.
  • Reduces designing and production costs.
  • Can take up high radial and axial loads simultaneously.
  • Strong profiles for high static and dynamic loads.
  • Best dispersion of forces in the profiles.

We are having long experience and in depth technical knowhow for combined bearing and profile. We offer complete range of “C” and “I” sections in bar in various lengths as per your requirement. With our Unique Inventory management program most of the standard bearings and profiles are available at shortest lead time.

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