Cycloidal Precision Gearbox


Properly applied to rotary table / position device, ATC, Tooling machine and each automatic mechanism connected with servo motor directly. The features of TTRA series are direct output, Tightening engagement, and high accuracy.


To meet with the requirement of mechanism and robot arms with hallow designed and to be connected to the servo motor directly. TTRV- C series is designed to solve this by hollow- body and successfully connected to the servo motor directly, which provide more convenient and application friendly.


TTRV- E series is developed for robotic industries. The compact and light weight could reduce t he inertia of robot swing to achieve more precise positioning.


Mechanism designers concern to array the cables or tubes properly due to the space limit or the interfering phenomenon between cable and structure during operation. TTRV- C series could conquer this problem effectively due to it’s hallow design that allows tube & cable through the reducer- self.


  • Designate to develop the product of AGV , the tire covered the whole reducer-self and transmit power directly .
  • There is no gear structure, so don’t worry about tooth collapse. The shell-turn structure is the most rugged and space-saving design.
  • Features: Multi-point fit, straight knot output, tight lock, no gear structure, high durability.


  • TTRAD-E series is suitable for positioners, turrets, machine tools and servo motors that need to be directly connected to the machine and mechanism in the reducer.
  • The biggest feature of TTRAD-E is that it has a direct output, high ratio, and a tight lock Solid and can guarantee accuracy.
  • The minimum specific number 79ratio, the highest number than can do 421 ratio
  • IT is used in positioner, tool magazine, robot arm, machine tool, deburring machine, replace HD reducer


  • The TTRAC series has a hollow design that allows pipelines to pass through and is suitable for applications where space is tight.
  • The transmission part is input by a belt without interfering with the pipeline passing through the middle.
  • It can be used in 5-axis head, swing head, stamping manipulator (SCARA), alternative HD reducer (HD reducer, harmonic reducer) … etc.


  • TTGV / TTGH series: multi-point fit, high rigidity, high torque and durability, very suitable for replacing two-stage planetary reducer and high-impact machinery.
  • The flange surface of the output shaft is launched in accordance with market requirements.
  • It can be used in pipe bender, chemical industry (mixing tank), food machinery, spring machine, screw / nut machine … etc.


  • The TTRDR-C series responds to the needs of many customers in the market. The height of the rotary table must be as low as possible, and the width of the tilting shaft must be as short as possible, so that the space occupied by the overall machine can be greatly reduced.
  • Multi-point fit, straight knot output, high ratio, tight lock, and can guarantee accuracy.
  • It can be used in positioner, tool magazine, robot arm, machine tool, water cutter head, etc.