Precision Hollow Rotary Table

Our Precision rotary table CT series is having a very high accuracy of 10 arc sec. This accuracy makes sure accurate working of the system, even if the diameter increases. Even at a diameter of 1.5 M we can achieve the positional accuracy of 30 Micron. There is a wide range of rotating table available, starting from 100W and extending upto 10kW.

CT Gearbox Advantages

  1. Positioning at any angle with ultra-high positioning accuracy.

All transmission gears are precision ground to achieve repeatability and accuracy of 10 Arc sec.

  1. High Rigidity High torque

The use of high precision gears in combination with cross roller bearings that result in an increase in torque and righty.

  1. Fast Positioning

The rotating table allows fast positioning for load of Intertia

  1. Direct Drive

The rotating table allows heavy load to be fastened directly on the rotating table.

  1. Motor Mounting

Allows all motor to attached precision rotary table

  1. Hollow structure

The structure design is convenient for design, piping working and wiring during assembling

  1. Cross roller Bearing

Cross Roller bearings provide a dramatic increase in side loading capacity.

  1. High Precision Machinery

Gears are heat created to HRC520 and precision ground to achieve class 2 gear accuracy. Additional grinding process is performed to ensure parallelism and squared accuracy.